Stages Of Love In A Relationship

by | Jun 14, 2020

Stages Of Love In A Relationship

Stages of love in a relationship. What is love? Love is a complex set of emotions associated with strong feelings of affection and respect for another person. True love is long a lasting and strong affection between lovers. Today we will be talking about the stages of love in a relationship

Romance and infatuation stage. This stage is the best stage, yeah really best. It is the first stage in every relationship and most of you will be having fun memories of going through this stage. In the infatuation stage, two people are attracted to each other and there’s a lot of love and romance going on between them.

You can’t just stop thinking about your partner. The saying that love is blind it’s at its peak in this stage because there’s always laughter and all the negative thoughts are involved.

I hope you will enjoy this episode of my video.

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