How To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship

by | Jun 28, 2020

How To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship

Talking about increasing intimacy in your relationship, intimacy actually means close familiarity or friendship between partners in a relationship, Similar words that can be associated with intimacy are “Closeness” and “Togetherness”.

One important thing about intimacy is that it evokes an image of not necessarily being in the middle of sex. Connecting with someone is a combination of the 4 types of intimacy and most of this doesn’t involve physical touching of your partner.

It’s important to know the 4 types of intimacy. So if you want to feel intimate with your partner, You both need to work on it and give undivided attention. Intimacy can’t be forced but it can be worked on, So let’s look at the different types of intimacy and how to increase intimacy in your relationship.

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