7 Tips How to solve conflicts in your relationship

by | Aug 16, 2022

I am putting together in this post tips on how to solve conflicts in your relationship. Anyone who has been in a romantic relationship knows that disagreements and fights are a must. When people spend a lot of time together, with their lives intertwined, they always disagree from time to time. These disagreements can be major or minor. Ranging from what to eat for dinner or failing to do a chore. To arguments about what program they are watching or deciding on children’s religious upbringing. In the long run, these disagreements can pose a threat to the stability of your relationship. If they are not handled properly, they may begin eroding the foundation of your relationship.

People don’t know that the amount of happiness they experience in their relationship is determined by how they handle disagreements. In fact, recent research reports that couples who fight less and resolve their disputes without having them escalate. Tend to be happier in their marriage. Disagreements happen a lot in relationships, but what matters is how you deal with them. If you never fight with your partner or talk about your problems you will never solve the conflict in your relationship. So Having problems in your relationship is actually good. Because when you look for healthy ways to solve conflicts in your relationship you both are happier. So Here are healthy ways to resolve conflicts in your relationship.

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Tips on how to solve conflicts in your relationship

Listen to Your Partner Attentively

It can be very frustrating to feel like you’re always having to repeat yourself, especially if you feel like your partner is not understanding or paying attention to what you’re saying.

It can be very frustrating to feel like your partner is not paying attention to you. When you interrupt your partner or assume that you know what they’re thinking, you’re not giving them a chance to express themselves. Even if you are confident that you know where your partner is coming from or know what they’re going to say, you could still be wrong, and your partner will still feel like you’re not listening. So it is very necessary to listen to what your partner is saying before you give a reply.

You can show your partner you are listening to them by practising active listening techniques. Examples of active listening techniques are .listerning attentively

, not judging. Always clarify or summarise what your partner is saying. Because If you listen to your partner you will always understand what they are saying and they will be happy that you understand them. Resulting in understanding and solving the conflicts in your relationship.

Get to the Root of the Problems

Have you ever wondered why sometimes arguments seem to be about nothing? Like, you and your partner can both be in a great mood, and for no reason, you start arguing about something small that at first glance doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal. But then before you know it, you’re in front of an audience with someone sobbing uncontrollably and telling you: “it’s over.” What I am trying to explain here is that. Always try to get to the root of the problems. Maybe your partner being upset is just because of a small issue that you are not doing right. So try to understand what is making them pissed. Put yourself in their shoes and try to fix things before it because of a big event.

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Maintain a Calm Attitude When trying to solve Conflicts in your Relationship

Keep calm and carry on regardless of the fight that you’re currently having with your partner. With most conflicts, it’s very easy to get so mad and angry with your other half. But it’s always important to remember that you shouldn’t cross lines when fighting with your other half. To have a healthy relationship, both halves need to know how to fight fair.No matter how trivial or serious the issue may seem to you. Never ever put downs or insult your partner in your fights. Focus on the issue, and discuss it without bringing in any personal insults. A healthy argument is an opportunity for two people who love each other to air out their feelings. A hug or a kiss at the end of a disagreement is always appropriate.

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Never use Certain Words like Always or Never

When you have a conflict with your partner avoid using generalised words like Never or Always. For example, your partner forgets your birthday and you say. You Never remember my birthdays it is an attack on your partner and it can lead to more conflicts. Or statements like You are always late when we plan to go out. Avoid such words and try to tell your partner how they can get better. Or how they can be more helpful in the relationship.

Always Solve one Problem at a Time

When you have a discussion with your partner it’s important that you stay on track. You want to make sure you’re having a constructive conversation and not an unhelpful argument. The easiest way to do this is to stick to one topic at a time. If someone is trying to change the subject, suggest that you pick this up again another day and discuss it. Then if you both still want to talk about it. Unhappy couples or couples in a conflict always try to solve multiple problems at a time. This is not the best way to solve the conflict in your relationship. If you are trying to solve a problem of trust between each other. Try not to bring in things like you didn’t give me a gift at my graduation. The best way is to fix the problem of trust issues and talk about the gifts later.

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Always be Prepared to Apologize

You may feel that you were in the right. You may even have been in the right but always be ready to apologize. I don’t think that apology is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. If you apologize to your partner they will feel calm and even try to avoid conflicts. So if you want to solve conflicts in your relationship always be prepared to apologize. Apologizing doesn’t mean that you are wrong. It means you are sorry that you both have a conflict. And that you are committed to finding what works for you to solve the conflicts in your relationship.

Know when its time to take a break

Every argument will have different ways to diffuse the situation, depending on the situation and who is involved. However, if you find yourself falling into negative patterns and find that either you or your partner are not following the tips to resolve conflicts in your relationship, consider taking time out from your argument. Even a short break for a few deep breaths can be enough to calm hot tempers and bring you and your partner back to focusing on resolving your issue rather than arguing about it. After all, resolving the issue is better in the long run than an argument that leaves both of you angry. Even if it means taking a break away from each other.

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