5 Biggest Fears in a Relationship

by | Jul 26, 2022

Fear has the biggest part of us and tends to ruin perfectly good relationships. Here are the 5 Biggest fears in a relationship. Everyone has their own story and things that make them insecure and vulnerable in a relationship. This vulnerability brings about fear in relationships as a result you can start blaming others because of mistakes and misconceptions.

One of the biggest fears in a relationship is being left by your partner. This can be really devastating to your partner because it means that they won’t be there with you and are on their own. Other than this, it will plunge them into anxiety having thoughts of being alone again. However, many couples have mistakenly argued this fear is the biggest fear because of some misconceptions and insecurity which leads to other fears like financial insecurity and the fear of growing old together. We will see the 5 biggest relationship fears and how to deal with them. In case you have a partner with insecurities you can help them by being extra considerate.

The Fear of Abandonment is one of the fears in a Relationship :

This is the first and most common fear I see in people. This is because they have been abandoned by people who meant a lot to them. People with this issue have the following behaviour; They get clingy and anxious. They start demanding more attention from you, which is not a healthy sign for any relationship. Feeling suffocated in a relationship is not an ideal situation to be in, for it leads to anxiety and stress. They tend to put the relationship under pressure all the time.

They need to know if their partner will abandon them in any circumstances. So they might ask if you’ll ever leave them or not? This will lead to a lot of confusion as you’ll have to answer this question repeatedly. Most times they get involved with the wrong people or stop loving at all so as to avoid being hurt. They start ignoring family and friends and this is very bad because it can lead to self-damage and depression. Such people need to go for therapy. As well as, try to make a lot of friends and surround themselves with the right people.

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The Fear of Getting Hurt :

This is the most destructive fear of all. It is often associated with an abusive childhood, this happens when people are physically abused as kids and they don’t trust anyone around them so they tend to suspect everyone of betrayal. Trust is the most important foundation in human relationships and it plays a critical role in our daily functioning. People with this fear end up emotionally abusive without even knowing. People with these fears, Are extra cautious, they constantly doubt their partners, they always look for signs of betrayal and most times their insecurities go out of hand and ruin good relationships. They doubt intentions even if things are fine they always feel something is wrong.

For those of you who suffer from this fear, don’t be ashamed – it’s a common phobia. It might have had a part in shaping your personality and leading you to take certain precautions having to do with your love life or marriage. But now you’re well aware of it, it’s time to face your fears.

The Fear of Losing Support :

The fear of not having your partner with you when you need them. This happens to people who were not given attention as a child. They were deprived of affection. They were not given guidance and support when they needed it. These people are immature and are scared to take on difficult situations. People having fear losing support, seek love from their partner, not just for themselves but also for their parents. They want to be accepted and cared for by their partner. So they can show their parents that they are worthy of love. As they did not get these as a child. People like this have low self-esteem. And cannot see their own self-worth. And need to feel loved by someone who can give them genuine love . They hate to see people happy. They don’t share how they feel with people.

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The Fear of Not Being Good Enough :

This occurs when the person you fell in love with makes you feel unworthy. This feeling arises as a result of many negative people around you. This makes them feel inferior and they fail to put themselves together. Their reality feels like they are not good enough. No matter the reason, it hurts when you find yourself in this situation. It happens all of a sudden, and it can make you feel emotionally unstable. This can lead to arguments and resentment. Relationships are built on mutual love and respect, so when these things are taken away, it taints the whole relationship. This can lead to a slow fade or overnight breakup. This kind of people become critical of others They compare themselves with other people, especially celebrities.

The Fear of Failure :

People with this fear believe that no matter what they do their reward is a failure. They always feel like it is impossible to have a stable relationship .people with this fear always underestimate themselves.

The sense of failure and lack of self-worth can lead to many mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. But they often experience a different kind of depression altogether. They think that they are less than the people around them. That no matter what they do they will always be rewarded with failure in return.

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To all those going through all these fears rise up loving yourself. When you do so your relationships will be longer and sweeter. Try to love yourself even more. Focus on yourself, not anyone else. If they love you, they will stay, if they don’t then let them go. You’re not responsible for their happiness. It’s up to you to be happy, that way you attract the love that you need. We’re all in control of our own happiness. It lies within us and ultimately seems to elude us because we focus so much on others. To sum this up, focus more on being happy, and less on others being happy with you. It’s a concept as simple as it is profound. Warm regards!

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