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Healthy skin begins with a consistent skin care routine

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Your skin is affected more than what you put on it. With my one-on-one coaching, I won’t only give the products that work but I will also explain the different possible causes of skin issues and how to shop for your skin care product, and what to look out for to avoid money waste through your skincare journey and get the best possible without any hassle.

Basic Skin Care Tips


Its the first and most important aspect of a skincare routine, so you should be cleaning at least twice daily with a good cleanser suitable for your skin type or skin concern


This is an important aspect of a skincare routine. Everyone should be moisturizing no matter the skin type you have but be sure to use the moisturizer which is perfect for your skin


If you want to have good skin you should not miss this step in your skincare routine use a good sunscreen to protect your skin against sun damage


It’s necessary to exfoliate the skin and everyone should be exfoliating but beware not to over-exfoliate, they are several exfoliators on the market make sure to choose one that is suitable for your skin

How To Begin Your Skincare Journey?

The basic thing needed to start your skincare routine is to know the analogy and functions of your skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it helps to protect our body from sun damage and it helps regulates the body temperature.

1. How to know your skin type?

There are four main skin types:

  • Normal - No sensitivity, No Dry skin, Firm skin with less visible pores.
  • Oily - Skin is always glowing. Makeup products don't always stay put because of oil
  • Dry - Skin is always flaky, sensitive and itches
  • Combination - When your skin is oily in some parts and dry in some parts
2. How to take care of the different skin types?
  • Normal - This skin can tolerate most skincare ingredient
  • Oily - These type of skin should avoid mineral oils, petroleum jelly and instead use products labelled as noncomedogenic and oil-free moisturizers
  • Dry - People with this skin type should avoid using harsh soaps and chemicals that can make them even drier. They should be using products that are water-based and should have lots of water throughout the day.
  • Combination - For people with this skin type can either use products for oily and dry skin with no complications
3. Basic skincare routine for beginners.

The best skincare routine for beginners is to make it simple as possible. 

  • Clean your skin at least twice daily
  • Use a good moisturizer 
  • Apply sunscreen during the day and any skin treatment like retinoids at night only

To improve your routine, exfoliation and face masks can be done a few times a week depending on any skin concerns.

4. Best Products for all skin types.

Great skin is not just our DNA but our daily habit have a big impact on what we see in the mirror, So using products that are good for our skin types is very essential and healthy. If you are unsure of your skin type use product labelled for all skin types

5. Best food for healthy glowing skin.

Healthy and Glowing skin comes from within. To have healthy and glowing skin, You have to consume a wide range of healthy food and reduce the intake of unhealthy foods such as processed oil. The best food for healthy and glowing skin is 

  • Fatty fish
  • Avocado
  • Carrot
  • Green tea
  • Walnut

My Approach

My main goal is to make clients feel comfortable and believe that their skin type is unique and that everyone can have great skin without leaving home. I educate my clients about their skin type and specific ingredients perfect for their skin.

Likewise, I encourage clients to focus not only on topical skin care but also on healthy habits like clean eating, exercise, and knowing their inner self.

In my opinion, perfect skin starts with small habits like clean eating and exercise, With a healthy immune system, the body can fight toxins and free radicals.

Yekum Ane

How It Works

Schedule a 1:1

You want to schedule one-to-one coaching, You need to make a booking from the section below and you need to explain what your skin problem is and how long you have been going through it and send a clear photo of the products you are using


Choose a Coaching Plan

They are three coaching plans:

Basic, Standard, and Premium your booking will be confirmed after you choose your coaching plan and payment is successful and all the coaching will be done via Zoom call, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

Reach Your Goals

After the one-on-one coaching is done and I have recommended the given products for your routine. I will make sure I do a follow-up call and answer any further questions that you have to ask. To keep you the track with your desired goal


The basic package is very straight to the point time is very limited so we will be straightforward. I will help you to understand how to use your existing products by providing you with simple directions for when and how to use them


More Details

Pack Includes

  • Whatsapp me photos of all the products you own and I will send a simple product direction and how and when to use them.

Todo for emailing or texting product photos

  • Send all the products you have and want to use.
  • Group 5 products together and send a clear photo showing front labels and names.
  • Video tutorial to go over the direction



You know skincare is important and you know that you need to put extra effort but you haven’t started purchasing skincare products or you are not sure what to do with the products you have I’m here to assist you with that


More Details

This pack includes

  • 30mins online video call consultation to discuss skincare concerns and goals.
  • Suggestions for incorporating existing products into your daily routine or recommend new products that will suit your needs.
  • Better explanations so you understand the products you have or are about to buy.
  • 15mins call or tutorial explaining how to use the products
  • 20mins follow-up call, one week after the initial consultation to answer questions.


You are a skincare lover and have a closet full of products to prove but still, you don’t know how to make your skincare routine work for you or address your skin concerns,  Make me your best friend and I will assist you through your skincare journey.


More Details

This pack includes

  • 60mins online video call consultation to discuss your skincare concern and goals
  • 3 weeks plan using your existing products to achieve desired results
  • Simple direction on how to use each product and when to use it
  • Product recommendations if needed
  • 30mins online video call or tutorials to go over the roadmap
  • Whatsapp access during 3 weeks to answer questions

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