Yekum Ane

Skincare Coach

Helping You build healthy skin and regain your self-confidence

My name is Yekum Ane! I am a skincare coach passionate about sharing knowledge about skin awareness through healthy eating. I believe we can all have great skin by having healthy eating habits with little effort and simple skincare tips.

My Story

For the past few years, I’ve had a flare-up of badly inflamed acne that has left me baffled and frustrated. I’m a makeup lover, but suddenly there are breakouts on my face, and I’m even worried because I can’t wear makeup as usual. So I went online to research possible causes and treatments for acne, so with my interest and dedication, I came up with tips and tricks that helped me get rid of acne. I finally got flawless skin. So I started sharing my secrets with my friends, family and others online. It was my biggest motivation to help more people get flawless skin, since I only became aware of skincare after experiencing acne, But we don’t have to wait until we have a skin problem to start taking care of our skin.

I’m inspired by helping others tackle skin challenges to achieve healthy, youthful, clear and radiant skin.

I have experience treating skin of all ages, colors and conditions, from aging to acne to sunburn, I’m always committed to helping every client discover the overall health and beauty of their skin.

My Values & Beliefs


I’m committed to being loyal to my customers and providing them with services and products to help them achieve their specific skin and health goals


Talking about health I’m dedicated to restoring my client’s confidence with wholesome ingredients to have beautiful glowing skin.


When it comes to services I’m committed to providing timely and empathetic service to my clients

My Approach

My main goal is to make clients feel comfortable and believe that their skin type is unique and that everyone can have great skin without leaving home. I educate my clients about their skin type and specific ingredients perfect for their skin.

Likewise, I encourage clients to focus not only on topical skin care but also on healthy habits like clean eating, exercise, and knowing their inner self.

In my opinion, perfect skin starts with small habits like clean eating and exercise, With a healthy immune system, the body can fight toxins and free radicals.

Yekum Ane

Take action now and begin creating your own journey today!